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Did you know that IFLA has now its new six Regional Division Committees for #AsiaOceania#Europe#LatinAmericaAndTheCaribbean#MiddleEastAndNorthAfrica#NorthAmerica and Sub-Saharan #Africa in place? Each one is already hard at work developing their action plan that focuses on library matters in each region! Find out more: bit.ly/3D1mneP#WeAreIFLA#Advocacy#LibraryAdvocacy


Using social media to reach the right audience

Social media is a very effective tool for journal editors to raise the journal’s profile and engage with the research community. Read our guide on how to create a social media strategy that helps you reach the right audience and increase journal visibility…

Research Impact_What is Impact?

About this topic

Research impact is an important topic in the research world. Use this guide to understand what impact means for you and your work, how to measure it, and get tips on sharing your article to increase its impact once it has been published.

Research impact is an important topic in the research world. Funders, institutions, and researchers themselves are all interested in assessing the quality and impact of research. Some of the different reasons why impact is important are explained in more detail… 

ትክክለኛውን እና ያልተበረዘውን የሼህ ሁሴን ጅብሪልን ትንቢታዊ ግጥሞች ከዚህ አውርዳቹ ማንበብ ትችላላቹ።

Stand out on LinkedIn_How to maximize your LinkedIn profile

If you haven’t given much thought to personal branding, (or don’t even know what it is), then please continue reading, especially if career advancement matters to you.

Personal branding is the practice of developing a unique professional identity and message in order to distinguish yourself from your peers and be more memorable to recruiters and hiring managers. Many agree that personal branding is important, and for professional goals and purposes, LinkedIn is arguably the most important social media network…

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Bringing the Voice of Libraries to COP26

IFLA was there to ensure that a library perspective was included in the programme both for governments and other delegates, and to amplify the work that libraries are doing to empower their communities to take climate action…

Hawassa International Tourism & Travel Exhibition. [Two Events that attract the attention of the librarian]

Hats off to Hawassa University for the reason that it has provided a space to the Private General Museum owner and Congratulations to the initator and owner of the museum. I am very glad due to that what I have anticipated before five years in 2017 today in 2021 has got support from my parent institution. i.e. Hawassa University. TIME SOLVES A LOT OF THINGS!

21st Century Library & Information Science Network

Editor_ Mulugeta W/Tsadik, Librarian

Notes From The Editor

Hawassa International Tourism & Travel Exhibition, Prepared By SNNPRS Culture & Tourism Bureau, held at Meskel Square in Hawassa City from 17th to 22nd August 2017.

During the exhibition, several foreign embassies in Ethiopia, travel agencies, hotels & restaurants, and some universities within SNNPRS used their representatives to promote their organization.

In particular, the following two events attracted my attention as a librarian when I visited this Exhibition. That’s why I promoted to reach a larger audience through my Professional Website_Blog

1. Private General Museum

2. Central Hawassa Hotel

Besides, mainly Zonal & Woreda culture & Tourism Bureaus have a lion’s share of participating inculture of the surrounding community depicting cultural materials and wearing to the audiences.

1. Private General Museum

አሰተያየት ከአዘጋጁ ߹ሙሉጌታ ወ/ጻድቅ߹ ላይብረሪያን _ Comment from An Editor Mulugeta W/Tsadik, Librarian

“ቅርሶች ተገቢ እንክብካቤ እና ጥበቃ ለደረግላቸዉ ሲገባ…

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The 5 finalists for Female World Athlete of the Year 2021 have been announced. Who’s your favorite? 

The 5 finalists for Female World Athlete of the Year 2021 have been announced.

Who’s your favorite?


Conguratulations to #SifanHassan !

Sifan Hassan is My favorite!
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