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This four-part virtual symposia series will explore community-centric approaches to librarianship that push practitioners and scholars into innovative directions. Much has occurred in the last decade that has highlighted the importance of recognizing how institutional oppression and systems of power, global pandemics, and international perspectives inform librarianship. We seek contributions of ideas and approaches that can guide the field over the next decade....READ MORE

What is a Librarian? from R. David Lankes

Abstract: What skills are needed by a librarian is set by how you define a librarian.

“Waye Kenya”, a book written by my revered and cherished friend Dr. Gezahign Tolosa Adugna in commemoration of artist Hachalu Hundesa and other Oromo wrestlers, is now available in its second edition.

Kitaaba kana haala salphaan argaachuuf;Iddoowwaan armaan gaditti eeraaman kana gaafaadha.Finfinnee Buufata konkoolaata biyyooleessa bira ykn Awutoobiis taraa

1. M/kitaaba #Elellee(Hinseenee_Makuria ….0911641066

2. M/kitaaba #Shawaa…0911719720

3. M/kitaaba Mannahaariyaa Mulugeetaa biraa…0911713203

Magaalaa Finfinneen alaatti immoo

1. Burraayyuu M/kitaaba Foollee. Yoomiyyuu lakk. Bilbilaa-09128415502. 2. Harargee lixaa, Baddeessa…Guutama 0928070237

3. Shaashamaannee..m/kitaabaa Abdii (01 baankii Awaash biraa), M/kitaabaa Fissahaa (Abbostoo), M/kitaabaa Hawwii(Abbostoo) keessa ni jira. Dabalaataan Gazzee Tolosaa Adduunyaa….0919299005/0911198925

Let us learn about history, values, economic and socio cultural issues of Oromo people by purchasing this valuable book.

[AIB] Library World Tour Project [European Insula] Interviews Mulugeta Woldetsadik, from Hawassa University, Ethiopia.



Library World Tour

[European Insula]

About The Project

Review & Articles

The Library World Tour project was actually born almost spontaneously. Over the years I have had the opportunity to collect several interviews with librarians and librarians from different parts of the world who have, with their voices, made a valuable and strong contribution to the work of many libraries around the world. The experience of each of them tells of a fundamentally united world, of trained and courageous librarians who every day rediscover the beauty of the most beautiful work in the world. There are not only books but also tools. There are not only people but entire communities. Perhaps I will never be able to travel the world and physically visit each of these libraries and meet their workers, that’s the reason for this virtual journey.

With the patronage of the Italian Libraries Association, Umbria section and the cultural magazine Insula Europea.

And thanks to each of you!

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