[Career Advice] Crafting your career story

A good resume is like a movie trailer. It gives you some sneak peaks, points to highs and lows, the main actors, the plot and most importantly, it leaves you wanting more. A good resume lets you organize, or reorganize, the pieces of your professional past in such a way that you can tell the reader a compelling career story that makes them want to invite you for an interview. For graduate students and postdocs, the need to craft a career story can clash with feelings of impostor syndrome. Rest assured, you do have valuable skills and experiences, and translating them for your resume will help you to gain a more objective perspective of your employability and career options….READ MORE


[Global Campus]The future of internationalization is outside the classroom

The future of internationalization is outside the classroom. For many leaders serving our institutions in supporting the student experience and institutional internationalization efforts, this is not a bold statement. For others, this is a newer conversation. Regardless, the creation of an exceptional student experience with the integration of international students in and out of the classroom is critical to the evolution of our national internationalization goals...READ MORE

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