[Open Access Resources Advocacy] Recently Published Online Research Publication entitled “Should we still worry about the safety of GMO foods? Why and why not? A Review ” by Tadesse Fikre Tefera (PhD) from College of Agriculture, Hawassa University, Ethiopia

Open Access Resources Advocacy via LIS 21st Century Information Retrieval & Dissemination Network , Hawassa University, Ethiopia

Librarians are powerful advocates for informing and engaging their researchers in the open science landscape.

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Notes from 21st Century Information Retrieval & Dissemination Network

Mulugeta W/Tsadik, Librarian at Hawassa University

I would say that of course, I am an advocate of open access. I am a librarian and librarians are advocates for access to all information and I believe that is our core mission.

If information is open, our job as a librarian is to facilitate access to the information. When the access is open it tends to be easier to facilitate. If the information is not open, I believe a librarian’s mission is to still facilitate our patrons’ access to the information we can get using as many tools as possible, such as catalogues and inter-library lending.

So, I am an advocate for open access, and I believe that making information free has a positive effect, as it makes people better, freer, and more empowered.

As 21st Century librarian I have also envisaged to create partnerships with other Universities and well known publishers such as Elsevier Library Connect, Wiley Online Library & Scopus…etc

An important role of academic librarians is to support researchers and students to produce quality research outputs, and one of the ways in which they do this is by promoting Open Access Resources, that is why I have been initiated to advocate for change and promote research articles published on Open Access platforms by researchers of Hawassa University.

Nowadays, Hawassa University vision is to be one of the top ten Research Universities in East Africa by 2031, in line with HU vision taking into consideration the vision of Hawassa University it is the mission of librarians to discover or retrieve research articles, disseminate and increase visibility of the researcher and the institution.

Based upon the aforementioned as an advocate of Open Access I will strive to promote Open Access Resources and Researchers via Library & Information Science 21st Century Information Retrieval & Dissemination Network & Hawassa University official online platforms.

Accordingly , you will find below recently published an online research publication by Tadesse Fikre Teferra (Assistant Professor) College of Agriculture ,School of Nutrition, Food Science and Technology ,Hawassa University, Ethiopia:

Wiley Online Library



Tadesse Fikre Teferea (PhD)

First published: 27 July 2021 


Tadesse Fikre Teferra (Assistant Professor)


Global population is increasing at an alarming rate, posing a threat on the supplies of basic needs and services. However, population increase does not seem to be a common agendum of the global scientists and political leaders. People in the developed countries are more concerned about new technologies and their products. Pseudo-threats related to the uncertainties of genetic engineering of crops and their outputs present on consumers are more audible and controversial than the real difficulties the world is experiencing at the moment and in the future. This review presents brief summaries of the real reasons to worry about and the uncertainties about genetically modified organisms. This article also presents the real uncertainties shared by consumers and scientists with respect to the past, present, and future of genetically engineered organisms. Developments in the field of precision genetics in the recent years and the implications on regulatory, breeding, and socio-cultural dimensions of the global settings are included.

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