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Notes From an Editor of Link-Up

Nowadays, as 21st Century Librarian, it is apparent that promoting using technology (online/digital platform) i.e. via electronic newsletters, professional Blog/Website & Social media channels can raise the visibility, profile, status and reputation of our institution i.e. Hawassa University at home and international level.

Firstly, Link-Up_Librarianship & Information Technology e-Newsletter July Issue 2021 spotlights an academia of the month July 2021 from Hawassa University who have got recognition on the occasion of HEART Convention 2021 exhibition organized by MoSHE held from July 12 to 15, 2021 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Secondly, you will find also a variety of information such as about International Relations and Alumni Affairs Directorate (IRAAD) at Hawassa University and successful and on progress Community Development Outreach Partnerships.

Thirdly, you will find an interesting new podcast to listen about Deep Futures and new and analysis on international affairs.

I believe information should be read and shared. So feel free to read & share an issue of this newsletter throughout your networks worldwide to your colleagues & friends.

I am very pleased to hear your comments & feedback both (on weakness & strength) of Link -Up.

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Ministry of Science & Higher Education (MoSHE)
Ayano Beraso (PhD)
President of Hawassa Universit

He has got an Outstanding Recognition Award being 2nd best leader for his foremost performance & leadership skill among Research Universities Presidents found in Ethiopia….READ MORE

Hawassa University Vision

Striving to become one of the top ten Research Universities in East Africa by 2031

Sheleme Beyene

He has got an Outstanding Recognition Award for his foremost performance in the teaching profession from Hawassa University….READ MORE

Mestawet Taye
(Assistant Professor)

She has got an Outstanding Recognition Award for her foremost performance in the teaching profession from Hawassa University….READ MORE

Ministry of Science & Higher Education

The month of July 2021 has a good vibe and an interesting news in pertinent to Hawassa University that transmits good news to the Hawassa University community & beyond due to that three of our staff have got recognition on the occasion of HEART Convention organized by Ministry of Science & Higher Education (MoSHE). held from July 12 to 15, 2021 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, both Sheleme Beyene ( Professor) & Mestawet Taye(Assistant Professor) who have got recognition along with the President of Hawassa University Ayano Beraso (PhD) are now teaching in Hawassa University College of Agriculture one of the campus among 8 campuses under Hawassa University , it is apparent that College of Agriculture was the birth place & hub of the current Hawassa University.

Link -Up is very pleased to introduce to you International Relations and Alumni Affairs Directorate (IRAAD) at Hawassa University which is now led by a young vibrant & energetic professional named Mr Yohanan Yokamo. It is an international accreditation and relations that makes or builds the reputation of one’s higher education institution image.

International Relations & Alumni Affairs Directorate at Hawassa University

Yohanan Yokamo , Director, International Relations and Alumni Affairs Directorate (IRAAD) at Hawassa University, Ethiopia

Message from the Director

Welcome to International Relations and Alumni Affairs Directorate (IRAAD) at Hawassa University!

IRAAD is one of the directorates established recently in July 2019 in response to the growing demand for Internationalization at HU in order to realize its mission of becoming one of the top ten research universities in East Africa by 2031.

Born out of the former Corporate Communications and Marketing Directorate (CCMD), IRAAD has predominantly been established to strengthen the quality of education, research and community services at HU through the expansion of internationalization aimed at all levels. In particular, IRAAD is expected to develop an internationalization policy/strategy for Hawassa University in line with the national internationalization strategy of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) ratified by Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MoSHE). Such a strategy should be designed in such a way that enables IRAAD to oversee the process of internationalization: the integration of international perspectives and values in the education, research and community services of HU.

Moreover, IRAAD supports Colleges and Institutes at HU to forge/establish partnerships and collaborations with various international and local Higher Education Institutes (HEIs), organizations, research institutes, sector offices and NGOs starting from the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to effective follow-up mechanisms. 

Our directorate is also in charge of Alumni related activities and affairs of HU through the establishment of chapter associations, alumni events, conferences, and other relevant platforms to the wider alumni community all over the world. 

IRAAD has three different units in order to carry out the various activities entrusted to it:

  • Partnership and Collaboration Team
  • International Relations Office/ Team
  • Alumni Affairs Team

In short, coupled with the Directorate of Public Relations and Communications, Office of External Relations and Communications, HU management body, relevant directorates, colleges and institutes, IRAAD aspires to contribute its own share to help Hawassa University realize its vision of becoming one of the top ten research universities in East Africa by 2031.

For more information, you may reach us via :

Yohanan Yokamo Yotona


(LLB, BSc, LLM), Lecturer in Law, College of Law and Governance


Director, International Relations and Alumni Affairs Directorate (IRAAD)

P.O.Box 05, Hawassa University

Hawassa, Ethiopia

Current Location: Main Campus,

HU Head Office Building

Room No. 104 (First Floor)

Successful & on Progress Community Outreach Development Partnerships Projects Stories

International Professional Partnership & Networking

Networking has a bigger impact than education, marketing and anything else you do for your institution. Not only is networking a short cut to success but it also help build long term relationships. These relationships are the key to your institution and your business.

Partnerships increase your lease of knowledge, expertise, and resources available to make better products and reach a greater audience. All of these put together along with 360-degree feedback can skyrocket your professional activities to great heights. The right professional partnership will enhance the ethos of your institution. It might take more work, and it might take longer, but strong partnerships build the relationships,shared understanding, and collective focus to make lasting progress on issues related to community and economic development

A successful Partnership Project launched in 2020 , as result, Book Aid International has donated to Hawassa University brand new books their price estimated £49,249.85=ETB 3,001,549.59


It was a Successful partnership project between Hawassa University & International Law Book Facility, during facilitation of the partnership project HU Office of Vice President for Administration & Students Affairs has made a favour to Dilla University also in facilitating the delivery of the books donated to DU from ILBF agent in Addis Ababa along with books donated to Hawassa University from ILBF…READ MORE

It is a new Grand Partnership Project on progress launched in 2021 recognized by Books For Africa & Hawassa University…..READ MORE

Hawassa University & Books For Africa International Partnership Project is a meaningful project, it focuses on the United Nations #SDGs UN Sustainable Development Goals: the Goal 04 quality education and Ethiopia. It requires your donation to help the sustainable development of education need in this specific region (Sidama Region, Ethiopia). And it is a project recognized by BOOKS FOR AFRICA and HAWASSA UNIVERSITY operated by Mr Mulugeta Woldetsadik/Librarian@HU, Sidama Region, Ethiopia.

Get Involved In Community Outreach Development Partnership Project of Books For Africa & Hawassa University Books For Primary & Secondary Schools Found in Sidama Region, Ethiopia

Project Goal: $12,300

Click on Map of Ethiopia to visit the Details

About Books For Africa

BooksForAfrica was founded upon a singular mission: to end the book famine in Africa. BFA collects, sorts, and ships books, computers, tablets, and library enhancement materials to every country in Africa. In collaboration with worldwide donors, publishers, and African partners…


BFA Ends a Successful Fiscal Year Despite Challenges

On June 30, Books For Africa closed its fiscal year 2021. Though the year brought challenges we had never faced before, largely due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are pleased to report that the fiscal year was a success! Check out some of the key figures about where we shipped books this year…



Nobody knows what the future has in store. Still, whether you’re a small business owner, an artist, a creator, or anything in between, the unknowns of tomorrow can open the door for new ideas, inspiration, and opportunities today.

Deep Futures is a podcast about those opportunities; it’s about examining the past and present and imagining a future with deeper human connections and unlimited possibility. Join host Annalee Newitz—award-winning author (Autonomous), science journalist, founder of io9, and former editor-in-chief of Gizmodo—as they look deep into the future and chat with fascinating guests who are thinking about what’s next for medicine, democracy, art, and more. 

Envisioning the future is a daunting yet exciting task. Annalee Newitz profiles fascinating people considering the next century (or even the next millennium). Escape into the distant future to learn what’s coming.

  • All 6 episodes are available to binge wherever you get your podcasts:

Click this link to: Listen Now

International Affairs


Government of Ethiopia selects Ayuda en Acción’s livestock insurance as an innovative solution to hunger *A satellite-based warning system and the measurement of climate indices enable families to act in time to prevent the loss of livestock. *This disaster risk mitigation tool will be presented at the upcoming UN Food Systems Summit. *The NGO will also act in the humanitarian crisis caused by the conflict in Tigray, where 5.2 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance

Checkout more


In2017, the World Economic Forum rated Kenya’s education system as the strongest on the African continent. In 2018, the World Bank ranked Kenya the top African country for education outcomes (1st out of 43 mainland countries). In 2019, a Kenyan was named the most outstanding teacher in the world and awarded a prestigious $1 million prize

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Africans Need A Mental Revolution

When a Chinese man can’t speak English, Africans respect him…….

Checkout more

Welcome to International Politics & Society

Moldova, Georgia, and Ukraine are strengthening their relationship with the EU with a new agreement. At the same time, Russia is feeling increasingly surrounded.

Ever since Brexit, trade between the UK and EU has taken a substantial hit. In response, London seeks to restore the link with its former settler colonies: Canada, Australia and New Zealand in a new free trade agreement. But it’s dubious whether that will be enough to compensate for access to the EU market.

With climate change and the loss of biodiversity are jeopardising our planet’s ability to support life as we know it, it has never been more urgent to think seriously about systems change.

A new bridge between East & the West?

While Moldova, Georgia, and Ukraine are strengthening their relationship with the EU with a new agreement, Russia is feeling increasingly surrounded

A ‘titanic success’?

Away from the EU, back to the UK’s old Commonwealth allies: Boris Johnson dreams of an alternative to the EU with a new free trade agreement

ECONOMY & ECOLOGY We live in the era of system change

Our current way of doing politics has reached its limits: considering the tectonic societal shifts of our era, a transformative approach is necessary

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