A Partnership Agreement [PA 2020/21] Has Been Signed between Book Aid International & Hawassa University

On the behalf of Book Aid International Alison Tweed, Chief Executive of BAI and On the behalf of Hawassa University Dr. Mesay Hailu , Vice President of Hawassa University signed the Partnership Agreement


After an acceptance & approval of project proposal submitted and offer of 1000 books with direct partnership

The partnership Agreement was Signed in November 2020


BBook Aid International


Hawassa University

On the behalf of Hawassa University, Ethiopia:


The Chief Executive of Book Aid International signed the Partnership Agreement
Mesay Hailu, MPH, PhD, Associate Professor of Public Health & Epidemiology, Vice President for Administration & Students Affairs of Hawassa University signed the Partnership Agreement

BAI keeps me updated on my consistent follow-up about the donated books

via email dated July 09, 2021, Book Aid International has updated or informed me about Book Aid International latest Shipment (ETH-BC-014) donated to Hawassa University.

Accordingly, Book Aid International has donated to HU:

* Total Qty 1,041 Books

* An Estimated Grand Total Value or Price of Donated Books to Hawassa University From Book Aid International is Indicated below:

GBP £49,249.85


ETB 3,001,549.59

Besides, it has already been indicated in the BAI Operational Officer Email message BAI Shipment (ETH-BC-014 will arrive in Djibouti port around the end of July 2021. I hope as soon as the books arrived in Djibouti port we will react soon to deliver donated books to Hawassa University fulfilling the necessary requirements.

Once we have been contacted by Ethiopia Knowledge and Technology Transfer Society we will collect the books by an agreed date and I will promise as a responsible 21st-century librarian to implement the remaining Book Aid International Books donation guidelines steps indicated from step 2 to step 5 accurately and efficiently and report it to our partner BAI.

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