Investigate Google Scholar

This activity gives you an opportunity to explore the tool and become familiar with the refinements. This will help you work efficiently when it comes time to perform your search.

Find the following features and think about your impression of the site.

  1. Easy to find search box
  2. Boolean logic
  3. Truncation built in to the system
  4. Field searching
  5. Number of results displayed
  6. Whether you can look for a whole journal by title, or on a particular topic
  7. Browsing
  8. Are there any special features?
  9. How credible is the content?
  10. What is your overall impression of the site? Is it easy to use?

Abbabach Goobanaa (Dr. Kabajaa)Mallattoo Arjoomaa; Mallattoo Namoomaa!_ኣበበች ጎበና (ክብርት ዶ/ር) የደግነት ምልክት!_Rest in peace Hon. Dr. Abebech!

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