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Paper books aren’t dying! New survey reveals people still don’t dig e-books


Digital iterations of books have successfully penetrated the reading space. Almost every bibliophile has embraced e-books, especially with technology dedicated for reading books on digital devices and platforms.

Even then, hesitancy among readers for digital books remains high. A new survey sheds light on the patterns of readership among those who cherish the art of words. 

There are many benefits that come with e-readers like Kindle – the ability to read in the dark, the elimination of storage issues and many devices have been successfully able to mimic the reading experience of a book with visual elements specifically designed to emulate the traditional book reading experience.

Even though smartphone reading has become the new normal, many have believed that traditional books would quickly lose appeal in the market and go out of circulation. Even then, most predictions have not come true. Bookstores may have disappeared across the world, turns out…

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