[NEWS UPDATE] Online Directory of Librarians and Library and Information Science and Services Professionals

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[MULUGETA] Library & Information Service : 21st Century Information Retrieval & Dissemination Network_Professional Blog/Website

This is very interesting news for my professional colleagues worldwide particularly to those librarians striving to fit the 21st-century Librarianship and also it is a good bell to be awakened for those librarians who didn’t make an effort to get out of their box.

I would like to pas my gratitude to Librarianship Studies & Information Technology Website/Blog

Thank you onnce again for your good work.

Keep it up!

Librarianship Studies & Information Technology

Librarianship Studies & Information Technology : Online Directory of Librarians and Library and Information Science and Services Professionals…..READ MORE


A Book Launch Ceremony @Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Written by Milkessa Midega(PhD),Former Head of Oromia Land Use and Administration Bureau

Dr Milkeessaa miidhagaa Kitaaba Mata Dureen Isaa “Governing Contested Cities In Federation” jedhu Afaan Ingiliffaan barreessanii jiru. Kitaabichi dhimma Dirree Dhawaa fi Finfinnee, fi gaaffii bara dheeraa Oromoon magaalota kana irraa qabu bifa kitaabaatiin Afaan Ingiliffaan kan bahee dha. Guyyaa Eebbaa: Jimaata Sa’aa Booda,Bakka: Finfinnee, Hoteela Ramadaa. Ramada Hotel, Friday afternoon!

Source: Milkessa Midega ,Former Head of Oromia Land Use and Administration Bureau

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