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Dear African Librarians,Let’s do this again!

Dear African Librarians,Let’s do this again!#AfLibWk#1Lib1RefWatch this space for training details for all Librarians in the five regions of Africa.

We are Africans!!!

Source: Nkem Osuigwe – IFLA Africa Section


2021 African Librarians Week – AfLibWk 2.0

Starting 17th-24th May2021, AfLIA will launch the second African Librarians Week, an exciting period where African library and information professionals concertedly provide reliable and factual information to the world through Wikipedia as part of the global #1Lib1Ref campaign which is expected to run from the 15th May – 5th June, 2021.….READ MORE

Sirna Gabromfata: The Euro-Abyssinian Colonizing Structure. Book Excerpt. – Curate Oromia

We open this chapter with a story about Ruda Kura, Gemetchu Megersa’s paternal grandfather. The purpose of relating this personal narrative is to give an experiential account of Abyssinian (Amhara & Tigre) colonial rule, which the Oromo call Sirna Gabroomfata (“System of enslavement”).…READ MORE 

Ethiopia: Statement by the High Representative Josep Borrell on the cancellation of the Election Observation Mission

Despite all efforts by the European Union, it was not possible to reach an agreement with Ethiopian authorities on key parameters for the deployment of an EU Electoral Observation Mission in view of the parliamentary elections on 5 June 2021. As conditions are not fulfilled, the deployment of the mission has to be cancelled..….READ MORE 

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