‘Dubbiiwwan Ida’oo Boruu kitaaba kiyyaaf bu’uura guddaa turan’- Barreessaa Darajjee Bahaaruu

‘Dubbiiwwan Ida’oo Boruu kitaaba kiyyaaf bu’uura guddaa turan’- Barreessaa Darajjee Bahaaruu

29 Ebla 2021, 07:15 EAT

Kitaaba Oromoo fi Finfinnee jedhu barreessaa Darajjee Bahaaruun barraa'e
Ibsa waa’ee suuraa,Barreessaa kitaaba Oromoo fi Finfinnee, Darajjee Bahaaruu

Sanbata Xiqqaa darbe kitaabni mata duree ‘Oromoo fi Finfinnee’ jedhu Darajjee Bahaaruutiin barraa’e Finfinnee Hoteela Skylight tti eebbifameera.

Barreessaan kitaaba kanaa Darajjee Bahaaruu BBC waliin turtiin taasise kunooti.

BBC– Kitaabnikee kuni maalirratti kan xiyyeefatedha?

Darajjee – Kitaabni kuni uutumatti waa’ee Oromoo waa’ee Gosoota Oromoo fi waa’ee Finfinnee irratti xiyyeefata. Kitaabni kuni Fuula 633 qaba. Kitaaba Kanaan waa’ee Oromoo fi waa’ee Finfinnee nan tuqe malee waan barreeffamee dhumu miti.

BBC– kitaaba seenaa kana barreessuuf maddi Odeeffannookee maali?

Darajjee – kitaaba kan abarreessuuf maddeen odeefannoo afurin fayyadame. Inni jalqabaa fi bu’uura kitaaba kiyyaa kan naaf ta’e barreeffama Hayyoonni Oromoo barreessanii fi dubbatani.

Keessumaa kitaaba kiyya kanaaf giddugala kanin godhadhe dubbiiwwan Obbo Ida’oo Boruu yeroo adda addaatti dubbataniidha. Ida’oo Boruu mana kitaabaa socho’aa Oromoo jedhameeti kan beekamu.

Kitaaba Oromoo fi Finfinnee jedhu barreessaa Darajjee Bahaaruun barraa'e
Ibsa waa’ee suuraa,Kitaaba Oromoo fi Finfinnee jedhu barreessaa Darajjee Bahaaruun barraa’e

Dhimma shaggariin kan walqabatu ammoo maddeen sadarkaa tokkoffaa hedduun fayyadame. Oromoon osoo magaala kana keessaa hin buqqa’in dura xalayaawwan ittiin waa gaggaafachaa turan hedduu argadheera.

Kan biraa ammoo oromoota magaala kana keessaa buqqa’anii dhiibbaan irra gahes akka madda odeeffannootti fayydameera. Kitaaba kanaaf bu’uurri guddaan garuu dubbiiwwan Ida’oo boruu yeroo adda addaatti dubbataniidha.

BBC– Kitaaba kana yeroo barreessitu gufuuleen simuudatan maali?

Darajjee– ani kitaabota Afaan Amaaraatiin barreeffaman nan dubbisa. Hogbarruun Oromoo kunimmoo ganaa ka’umsarra jira. Hojiiwwan Hogbarruu kana jajjabeessuunis hin baratamane. Amma reefu jalqabbiirra jira.

Kitaaba kana ergan barreessee maxxansuudhaaf ija nama baayyeen ilaale. Eebbisiisuufillee haalli jiru rakkoo baayyee keessa darbeeti kan asgahe.

Garuummoo namoonni baayyeen nafaana aarsaa guddaa kanfalanii kitaabni kuni akka uummata bira gahu maallaqaan, hamileedhaan nagargaaran hedduudha. Isaan haa galatooman.

Bu’aa bahiin keessa darbe hunda kan nadagachiisu ammoo kitaaba kana yaadannoo wellisaa Haacaaluu hundeessaatiif Oolchuu kiyya. Seenaa isaa baayyees kitaabicha keessa galcheera. Kitaabicha yaadannoosaa gochuun koo boqonnaa guddaa naaf kenne.

BBC– waa’ee Oromoo fi Finfinnee kana Oromoo caalaa saboota biraa biratti hubannoon jiru gahaa miti jedhu namoonni. Kitaaba kee kanammoo akkamitti saboota biroo akka hubataniif oolchita?

Darajjee– dhugaa dubbachuuf ani barreeffamoota Afaan Amaaraa nan dubbisa malee barreesuu kana baayyee hin danda’u. garuummoo seenaawwan hedduu Afaan Amaaraatiin dogoggoraan barraa’an hedduu kitaabaa kana keessatti ibsa bal’aa dabalee barreesseera.

Kanaaf humnaa fi dandeettii Afaanii kiyyatu naqabaaf malee kitaabni kuni osoo Afaam Amaaraa qofa miti Afaan Ingiliziittis hiikamee baayyee gaarii taha.

Namootni waan kanarratti nagargaaruu dandahan osoo argamanii gammachuudhaanin simadha.

BBC– Fuula duratti karaa barreessuu Kanaan karoorrikee maal fakkaata?

Darajjee– Fuula duratti karoora laman qaba. Inni jalqabaa seenaawwan waan amma barreesse kanaa gadi jiranirratti barreessuudha. Isaan kuni seenaa, aadaa fi duudhaa aanaalee fi godinaalee Oromiyaa keessa jiru.

Inni lammataa seenaawwan gara olii jiranirrattin barreesuuf karoora qaba. Inni kunimmoo seenaa Oromoo kana olguddistee sadarkaa Kuushitti gumaacha isaa barreessuudha. Qooda sabni Oromoo kuni Afrikaa keessatti qabu seenaasaa olkaasee barreessuufis karooran qaba.

Source: BBC NEWS Afaan Oromoo


New Library Director Promises Changes

Library Director Lisa Forrest looks to make the library an innovative, welcoming campus location.. Photo by Maya Eggert ‘19

By Drew Eastland ‘21

Staff Writer

This semester, students might notice some changes to the campus’s main library. New E.H. Little Library Director Lisa Forrest seeks to push the library into the future with bold brainstorming and collaboration. 

“Right now, libraries are at a very interesting place… [this is a] great opportunity to have a voice in the future of the library,” Forrest remarked. “The more student voices I have in helping me develop a plan…I think the higher our chances of… [raising] the money we need to renovate the space.”

Hailing from Cottonwood, Minnesota (population 1,230), Forrest described herself as never expecting to attend college. She instead directly enlisted in the US Army as a Counter Intelligence Assistant. She started taking classes at night in what she recalled as a “tin trailer campus.” 

“I would be looking at this guy next to me, and he’d be like, ‘I’m going to take a class at night,’ and I’d be like, ‘wait a minute I am just as smart as you, if not smarter,’” Forrest remembered. “So, I just started taking classes at night.”

After the army, Forrest attended the University of Buffalo. After graduation, she chose to work in occupational therapy for seven years. She described the work, often with children with cerebral palsy or autism, as a rewarding challenge.

“She has deep empathy,” Technology and Innovation (T&I) Director of Digital Innovation Kristen Eshleman expressed. “The medical field really [gave her] an insight into human behavior in a [unique] way.”

Forrest’s journey to becoming a librarian happened spontaneously. She described overhearing a conversation at a coffee shop about someone studying to be a librarian. “What?! You have to go to school to be a librarian…I had no idea,” Forrest exclaimed. “I thought, ‘That sounds really great…I could hold books all day’ (which I don’t).”

Fourteen years later, Forrest still works among stacks of books. She began her career at SUNY Buffalo State, where she fostered lasting relationships and is still in touch with some former students. She also held poetry readings on the library roof while there. 

Following her time at Hamilton College, Forrest joined Davidson this summer, and so far has enjoyed working with both staff and students. She described Davidson students as free-thinkers and collaborators with “can-do” attitudes.

“I really agree with the College’s purpose, and I really appreciate the diversity you can find here,” she said. “[At Davidson] there is a different culture [and] a spirit of creativeness.”

Forrest hopes to work with a variety of groups on campus: T&I, research librarians, and the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). 

“[Forrest] is a collaborator like no one I have ever seen,” Eshleman said. “She will bring an energy and an enthusiasm for innovation for student centered designs.”

Forrest also wants to involve students in the process. Students who have already worked with her expressed excitement for her new ideas and gratitude for her value of student opinions. One example of this occurred back in early August when Forrest brought in three sample chairs and allowed students to vote on which chair they preferred.

“I think she really values student opinions,” Brian Sawe ‘21 commented. “[In allowing students to sample the chairs] she would get an idea about the students’ preferences with regards to the new furniture.” 

Forrest’s goals for the library are both digital and spatial, from improving the research platform to function like a “Google search” to clearing out old, dusty periodicals. Forrest hopes to direct the library towards becoming a more modern sanctuary of resources.

“Digitally, our library system is not the best.” Forrest said, “We have an opportunity to look at these large runs of print journals that are taking up the basement.” She believes that better organization of these areas can create more student space.

In addition to Forrest’s technology concerns, she also envisions the library involving itself more with on campus activities: poetry, art, and sports. Forrest is focusing on connecting with student organizations on campus to create a central hub.

“We have a great opportunity to really support and showcase the scholarship of this college.” Forrest quipped, “[I’m] interested in how the library can be the crossroads for interdisciplinary scholarship.”

While Forrest promises changes, she also quickly pointed out that changes will take time. So, what might change this year? Goal one is new furniture: tables and chairs. Don’t worry, the beloved rocking chairs aren’t leaving either. After that, expect to see more events at club libs, such as art and poetry displays.

“[Our] primary goal [is] to make the library more student-focused,” Access and Operations Assistant Ian Hicks ‘17 stated. “[We] want more transparency between the library and the student body.” One way that Hicks it trying to encourage communication between students and the library is through the library’s social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter (@DavidsonLibrary).

While Forrest’s ideas and plans are quite bold, Hicks remarked: “I don’t think she’s suggested anything that is unattainable…She’s very ambitious, and a lot of the changes are going to take time.”

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