UPDATE: Donated International Law Books Facility (ILBF) books have been transferred to their new home Dilla University from Hawassa University, Ethiopia.

International Law Books Facility (ILBF), a non-profit Charity based in UK London (www.ilbf.org.uk) was donated books to Hawassa University & Dilla University.

Hawassa University was the main consignee of these donated books from ILBF to both institutions, being responsible Hawassa University has processed and facilitated the delivery of the donated books with Samatra Shipping and Logistics plc and   Ethiopian Shipping & Logistics Services Enterprise, Kality Branch Office, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Hawassa University, particularly the facilitation process of ILBF books Hawassa University Office of the Vice President for Administration & Students Affairs & Hawassa Univerisity College of Law & Governance Dean Office has made their best goodwill cooperation to Dilla University; accordingly, finally today Dilla University has collected International Law Books Facility (ILBF) books belongs to Dilla University from Hawassa University, Main Campus, Ethiopia.

Mr Mulugeta W/Tsadik, Librarian at Hawaasa University the main actor of the process When he handed over the dispatch note of ILBF donated books to Mr Tolosa Bedada, Dean of College of Law & Governance, Dilla University.
When ILBF books loaded on Dilla University Vehicle at the Main Campus, Hawassa University
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