Elsevier Africa

Elsevier Africa

Join our webinar on 27 April 2021 – Time 21:30 UTC +2
where we will discuss about “Understanding Open Access Filters on Scopus”

1- Gold Open Access
2- Hybrid Gold Open Access
3- Green Open Access
4- Bronze Open Access

Register here: http://bit.ly/ekb-270421

Learn more about our future webinars here:


Choose Open Data

We know that open data has real-world impact, from encouraging scientific enquiry and debate to speeding up the pace of discovery.As a partner to the research community, Taylor & Francis is committed to pioneering new approaches to data sharing and open data. We have introduced Choose Open, which is a growing range of cost-effective open choices for the research community on how content is accessed, shared, and discovered.https://bddy.me/31QQOob… See More

Today News Africa Newsletter – Issue #45

Today News Africa is an international news organization based in Washington, D.C., USA, covering the US and Africa news, policy, and events.

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