Ethiopia’s ethnofederalism: fact and fiction

Ethiopia’s ethnofederalism: fact and fiction

Photo: celebratory-sidama-youth

Deep web or hidden web or invisible web

Deep web or hidden web or invisible web, in a search context, was coined in the year 2001 by Michael Bergman.

He divided the World Wide Web into two parts:

Surface web

 the part that traditional search engines indexes such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. and 

Deep web

 – the part that is hidden from the traditional search engines. The content of the deep web can be located and accessed through a direct URL or IP address but may require a password or other security access to get past public-website pages. Examples: Academic databases, Subscription-based Information, Medical record, Legal documents, etc.

Dark Web

The dark web is a subset of the Deep web that is not regulated and whose IP addresses are intentionally hidden. It consists of websites that use public interest, but require specific software for access and is not indexed by search engines to ensure anonymity. The stolen data is traded, sold, and used for financial, political, or personal gain.

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