Hawassa University & Books For Africa International Partnership Project to Empower Girls & Boys in Primary and Secondary Schools found in Sidama Region of Ethiopia

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Hawassa University and Books For Africa International Partnership Project

This project is an important project that focuses on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals #SDGs: Goal 04 Quality Education and Ethiopia. It needs your donation to help the sustainable development of the educational needs of this particular region (Sidama Region, Ethiopia). This is a project approved by BOOKS FOR AFRICA and HAWASSA UNIVERSITY, operated by Mr. Mulugeta Woldetsadik / Librarian @ HU in Sidama Region, Ethiopia.

We are pleased to invite you to volunteer and participate in 2021 newly launched fundraising activities for the community outreach development cooperation project

We are very pleased to invite all donor organizations, potential donors, and international grant donors all over the world who are interested in investing in community development, foreign embassies, international charitable organizations, federal, regional, and local charitable organizations in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Governments and NGOs at the national and international levels to raise their awareness and extend their hands to help the community outreach service project called ” Books For Primary & Secondary Schools Found in Sidama Region (Mulugeta W/Tsadik, Librarian, Hawassa University) Ethiopia”, in cooperation with the Hawassa University (HU) and Book of Africa (BFA)

UN Sustainable Development Goals: the goal 04 quality education: TARGETS AND INDICATORS

We hope to strengthen the library resources of the primary and secondary school libraries in the Sidama region of Ethiopia to enhance the abilities of girls and boys in school.

Currently, the primary and secondary schools found in the Sidama region lack supplementary textbooks in various fields. Obviously, the price of books on the local market has skyrocketed. Students share such critical books at a ratio of 1 book to 50 students, which is 1:0 in some schools. Most students rely on the notes provided by the teacher, the method of talk, and chalk lectures.

This community outreach service project plans to work with Books for Africa to deliver a 20-foot book container to elementary and secondary schools in the Sidama region. The project is already made public online on the Books For Africa website. The funds raised are used to transport the donated books directly to Ethiopia.

Map of Sidama Region in Ethiopia: HU & BFA Partnership Project implementation areas

The fund can be donated or the grant can be directly granted or delivered to the main sponsor of the project country Ethiopia, the Hawassa University, or the donation of the fund can be made online on the official website of Books For Africa. The funds are hosted on the Donate to a project page of BFA… Click on the link below:

To Get Involved


Select ETHIOPIA on the Africa map below and click on it, select our project site titled “Books For Primary & Secondary Schools Found in Sidama Region (Mulugeta W/Tsadik, Librarian, Hawassa University) Ethiopia” from the list mentioned in ETHIOPIA to Donate:

If you have any questions, please contact: Mulugeta W / Tsadik, Librarian at Hawassa University, Ethiopia

Institutional Email 1 –mwlibrarian@hu.edu.et

Private Email 2-awassa2001@gmail.com

For further detailed information please access this link: https://www.booksforafrica.org/

  • Attention , if you have any: Questions & overall feedback in pertinent to this project initiative and fundraising/GoFundMe campaign
  • Attention , if you have any: Worthwhile advice & valuable information about potential Local, Regional, National & International donor organizations in pertinent to this Project initiative & fundraising /GoFundMe Campaign

Please feel free to contact us using the contact form below:

STEP 1. Fill in the required space for your own Name.

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STEP 3. Write down your message.

STEP 4. CLICK on the CONTACT US button at the bottom of the form




THANK YOU in advance for your goodwill

Lets contribute and work together for the good of the generation!


Author: Mulugeta Woldetsadik, Librarian/Information Professional at Hawassa University, Ethiopia [21st Century LIS Network: Information_Knowledge Retrieval & Dissemination Platform]

Mulugeta Woldetsadik, Librarian/Information Professional @ Hawassa University, , Sidama Region, Ethiopia

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