Is Ethiopia coming together or falling apart?

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Is Ethiopia coming together or falling apart?

This deceptively simple question is asked by Ahmed Hassen; and there is not an easy answer.

“Tens of thousands of refugees have fled, militias have hacked civilians to death, and an unknown number of lives have been lost. Despite Abiy Ahmed’s quick-win claims, he has plunged the country into what is likely to be a prolonged civil war that may exacerbate others and even tear the country apart.”

In particular Hassen draws the distinction between the two great camps within Ethiopia; those who believe in a federal system, and those who want a unitary centralized state.

It will not be an easy reconciliation.

Also, if you have not read it, I recommend this (somewhat) incendiary opinion column: “Advice to Africans: Don’t send your children to study in the West”

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