[Step-1] Starting Partnership with Book Aid International_The project Proposal Submitted by the Librarian (Mulugeta W/Tsadik) in September 2020 to Book Aid International (BAI) has been Accepted or Approved by BAI Senior Management Team

This BAI-HU Partnership Project was started in September 2020 with Book Aid International (BAI)

The request to be partnered and work together with Book Aid International has been initiated by the librarian, accordingly, the Project Proposal entitled “Books Donation Request to Primary, Secondary Schools & Public Libraries & Higher Education Libraries found in Sidama National Regional State of Ethiopia” (Community Outreach Professional Proposal) “ Prepared By Mulugeta W/Tsadik, Librarian at Hawassa University & Submitted in September 2020 to Book Aid International one of the premier UK’s leading book donation and library support charity situated in London, in order to create a partnership between Hawassa University & Book Aid International.

Accordingly, the Book Aid International Senior Management Team after reviewing thoroughly the proposal submitted by the Librarian (Mulugeta W/Tsadik) has offered 1000 books (500 for Hawassa University Higher Education Students and 500 for primary and Secondary school Students for the purpose of community outreach.

FYI: Below you will find an excerpt of an email message from Ms. Giorgia Cerruti, Partnership Manager of Book Aid International:

First of all Warm Greetings here from Hawassa University, Ethiopia

An email message dated 22 October 2020 contains a piece of interesting news sweet like a hot cake arrived to me today from Ms. Giorgia Cerruti, Partnership Manager of Book Aid International.

Hats off to BAI becauseBAI has…

BAI has offered us 1000 books with a direct partnership to work together after thoroughly reviewed my project proposal submitted to Book Aid International.

It is apparent that my professional librarianship profile, long years of networking & work experience with BAI, and as well as the reasonable & convincing proposal I submitted recently from Hawassa University, Ethiopia to BAI on 24 September 2020 have enabled me to be given a direct partnership opportunity by  Book Aid International and a donation of 1000 books (500 for the Hawassa University and 500 for primary and secondary schools outreach program) to be sent in 2021. 

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my application for books donation to and request to work in partnership and above all, my proposal entitled ‘Books Donation Request Project Proposal to Primary and Secondary Schools Students found in Sidama National Regional State of Ethiopia (Community Outreach Proposal)) have been successful.

I am very pleased with your offer of a direct partnership opportunity. I will strive to make a difference working with Book Aid International at home and abroad as usual in partnership in order to reach out to primary & secondary school students in rural areas suffering from a shortage of supplementary reading books. Supporting the work of local government and non-governmental organizations in building on effective community-level development initiatives is part of Book Aid International mission, it is from this point of view that I have been initiated along with my parent institution named Hawassa University that I have submitted the proposal entitled “A Project Proposal to Request Book Donation to Primary, Secondary Schools Libraries & Higher Education Libraries within Sidama National Regional State, Ethiopia”: Professional Community Outreach Project Proposal and what I consider to be a reasonable request approach for your book aid program.

Books Change Lives!

Stay Safe & Healthy

Mulugeta W/Tsadik
Librarian@Hawassa University
Work Email: mwlibrarian@hu.edu.et
Personal Email: awassa2001@gmail.com
Blog/Website: https://mylibrarianship.wordpress.com
Cellphone: +2510911829195
P.O.Box 05
Hawassa, Sidama National Regional State, Ethiopia



Author: Mulugeta Woldetsadik, Librarian/Information Professional at Hawassa University (HU), Ethiopia

Mulugeta Woldetsadik, Librarian/Information Professional @ Hawassa University, , Sidama Region, Ethiopia

4 thoughts on “[Step-1] Starting Partnership with Book Aid International_The project Proposal Submitted by the Librarian (Mulugeta W/Tsadik) in September 2020 to Book Aid International (BAI) has been Accepted or Approved by BAI Senior Management Team”

  1. Dear Mulugeta,

    That’s fantastic news! I know the people at Book Aid International – they are a wonderful organisation. You are doing an amazing job as a 21st century librarian.

    Best wishes

    Katrina Crossely, International Law Book Facility,CEO


    1. Dear Katrina,

      You are welcome. Thank you once again , your organization International Law Books Facility Law Books Donation support to Hawassa University has initiated me to request Books donation from Book Aid International and I have submitted a proposal and succeeded.

      My partnership with International Law Book Facility will continue for ever.

      Mulugeta W/Tsadik, Librarian@Hawassa University, Ethiopia


  2. Dear, Mulugeta ,

    This offer of direct partnership from Book Aid International clearly indicates that you are born to be librarian. I am confident enough as professional librarian to declare that even if there are many problems which faces librarians in the developing countries one can do things in different way. Your relentless effort and knowledge to do your work is the secret of your successes. Through this work you really shown as the 5th law of library science, which was stated “libraries are a growing organism”by S.R. Ranganathan the father of Library Science. I hope now you opened for the remaining librarians to stretch their wing and to fly by the motto, the sky is the limit.

    Keep it up.

    Asher Milkyas, Librarian @ Hawassa University of College of Agriculture .
    Emailo 2- asiermilkyasboerna@gmail.com
    Tell. +251916127885
    Hawassa University, Ethiopia.


    1. Dear Asheir,

      You are welcome, Thank you for your comment it is very sounding, that is what expected from vibrant librarian of the 21st century.

      Success results from hard work!

      Nowadays networking is very important in this technological driven era with professional colleagues at abroad and home in order to open the doors of opportunity and keep abreast of latest information with what is going on around the world so as to as exchange experiences,ideas & knowledge.

      Librarians of all types, especially, librarians in higher educational institutions of Ethiopia should have to get out of their box in order to play a key role in their institutions as a 21st-century librarians.

      Currently, it is apparent that Librarians should focus ways of developing their libraries into intellectual centers as catalyst for learning, discovery, innovation, collaboration, and scholarly breakthroughs.

      In today’s educational environment, simply focusing on library space planning is not sufficient. Librarians should focus on ways that the library can become beacons for both interactive learning and knowledge creation across both the physical and digital realms


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