Professional Resume of Mulugeta W/Tsadik, Librarian


I graduated from Addis Ababa University (AAU) in 1985 in Library and Information Science. I worked in various secondary schools and teaching institutes in the profession of librarianship in the Bale Administrative Zone, Oromia National Regional State, Ethiopia from 1985 to 2000.

Beside, from 2001 to 2021 I am working in higher educational institute, that is, Hawassa University, in the Librarianship Profession in Hawassa City, Sidama National Regional State, Ethiopia.

These are some of my successes and professional achievements:



 • Participation in the International Librarian Networks Program (ILNP)

I have almost 35 years of experience in the Librarianship profession, I am currently striving as 21st century librarian to make a difference in the sphere of my librarianship profession in order to make these professional experiences are visible and contribute to the further development and improvement of libraries and information services that fit 21st Century at Hawassa University and beyond to reach out to communities in various professional partnership and networking activities nationally and internationally.

The most important thing is that my main goal is to obtain a challenging position in which I can use my potential in librarianship.


Institutional Email; Private Email – awassa2001@gmail.comPrimary Phone : +251911829195; Secondary Phone : +251909889225Twitter : @MuWLibrarianLinkedIn : : Blog/Website :, Hawassa City Sidama RegionEthiopia

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To view some descriptions or details of my resume and other supporting documents, click on the link below:



An Overview of My Librarianship Career : Challenges & Triumphs in academic (School, College and University Libraries) of Ethiopia |Mulugeta W/Tsadik,Librarian|

Author: 21st Century Library & Information Technology Network [Information & Knowledge Dissemination Platform By Mulugeta Woldetsadik, Librarian/Information Professional at Hawassa University, Ethiopia]

Mulugeta Woldetsadik, Librarian/Information Professional @ Hawassa University, , Sidama Region, Ethiopia

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