Hawassa University: School of Law List of Recently Newly Arrived Books Available in our Library Stock

Title Author Call No. Qty/Copy
Access to justice in Ethiopia: Towards an inventory of issues   430.11563/ACC/2014 C3
Canadian criminal law Stuart, D. 345.71/STU/1995 1
Company law in context Kershaw,D. 346.42/KER/2012 2
Concise legal research Watt,R. 340.072/WAT/2012 2
Conflict of laws in Italy Montanari,A. 342.45/MON/1997 2
Consolidated intellectual property statues and regulations   346.71/CON/20`3 1
Constitutional foundations of the CIS countries   342.47/CON/1999 2
Consumer and commercial law Tillson,J. 346.2407/TIL/2011 C3-C4
Contract law Elliot,C. 346.42/ELL/2005 2
Criminal procedure Lippman, M. 345.73/LIP/2017 2
EC  labour law Szyszczak,E. 341.763SZY/2000 2
EC Media Law and Policy Goldberg,D. 341.757/GOL/1998 1
Employment discrimination law   344.73/EMP/2007 4
Employment law for the construction industry Ryley,M. 344.41/RYL/2008 2
Encyclopedia of law and economics   330/ENC/2000 2
Ensuring fundamental rights   342.73/ENS/2015 19
Ethics of the professions; Medicine ,Business, media, law   174/ETH/1999 2
Ethiopian yearbook of international law Zerhay, Y 341/ZER/2016 1
EU counter terrorism law Murphy,C. 345.24/MUR/2015 2
Evidence and the adversarial of process: The modern law McEwan,J 342.41/MCE/1998 2
Evidence principles and problems Deliste 347.7106/DEL/1993 1
Family law, gender and the state Diduck, A. 346.42/DID/2012 2
Freedom of association   344.73/FRE/2006 1
Giving globalization a human face   344.01/INT/2012 1
Global intellectual property law Dutfield,G 346.048/STU/2008 10
Health and safety law for the construction industry Joyston,S. 343.41/JOY/2004 1
HIV and AIDS and labour rights   344.01/INT/2015 4
Humanitarian debate:Law,Policy,Action   361.77/HUM/2004 5
Industrial law Joseph,T.M. 344.1/JOS/2016 2
International copyright law Ginsburg,J. 346.04/GIN/2015 2
International forum selection Park,W. 341.522/PAR/1995 2
Introduction to constitutional law Tadesse M. 342.73/TAD/2012 1
Land law   346.4204/CHA/2006 C10 –11
Law and the regulations of medicines Jackson, E. 344.41/JAC/2012 2
Law outlines: property  Kurtz,S.F. 346.73/KUR/2001 2
Law outlines: Sales Scott,R.E. 346.73/SCO/2001 2
Legal Research Schultz N. 340.07/SCH/2001 2
Legal skills Finch,E. 340.07/FIN/2015 2
Liability law and latent defects insurance   343.41/CON/1997 2
Mercantile law   346.07/KUC/1978 2
Payment under construction contracts legislations Pettigrew,R. 343.41.PET/2005 2
Procedure in Canadian criminal law Quilgley,T. 345.7105/QUI/1997 1
Review of the convention on contracts for the international sale of goods   340.972/REV/2000 2
Structure of property law Mcfarlane,B. 346.42/MCF/2008 2
The GATT Uruguay Round: A negotiating history   346.41/PIC/1998 2
The political economy of corporation tax Snape,J. 343.067/SNA/2011 2
The regulations of organized civil society Garton,J. 340.2/GAR/2009 2
The rule of law   340.11/JAM/2008 2
Tort law Horsey,K. 346.41/HOR/2015 2
Trade marks act 8 commentary Hughes,R. 346.7104/HUG/2012 1
Trade marks act 8 commentary Hughes , R. 346.7104/HUG/2011 1
Trade marks in theory and practice Pickering,C   2
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